Want more information on how to take a screen capture?

Have a look at the below points for assistance.



The most straightforward way is using the "Print Screen/Prt Sc" button found on your keyboard. Typically this is found on the upper-right side of most keyboards. 

All you would need to do is click this button to capture the screen and use CTRL+V to paste it into a program of your choice. You can then save the image to any file of your choice.


To take a screen capture simply hold the Shift, Command and 3 key simultaneously. A thumbnail will appear in the corner of your screen which you may click to edit the capture. If not, it will automatically save to your desktop.

iPhone or Android

Taking a screen capture on these devices is quite similar. This may also differ depending on the model you may have. The latest iPhone models operate screen captures by holding the Lock/Unlock with the button to increase volume.

Android devices are not as uniform, therefore screen capture commands may differ. Typically, you will need to hold the Lock/Unlock and home button.