Want to know how to withdraw via Bitcoin from your account?

Have a look at the below points for assistance.

-->Only use a BTC wallet address to transfer funds to.

-->Insert the correct BTC address that your Wallet Provider provides you to send funds to your wallet.

-->Entering the incorrect information may result in loss of funds permanently. Please ensure that you have inputted the correct resulting Bitcoin wallet address. 

-->We aim to process withdrawals within 1 business day, once processed, it may take up to 3 hours or 3-6 confirmations on the Blockchain to reach your BTC wallet.

-->You can monitor your withdrawal once processed through https://www.blockchain.com


Withdrawing your Bitcoin has never been easier! To help you with the process, kindly go through the instructions below: 

Click the "Withdraw Funds" tab on your Account.

Input the withdrawal amount in the space provided. The minimum withdrawal amount would be 50 of any currency that we offer and would result in using the base currency of your Account at the time of withdrawal. For this example, we are using $ USD.

Click on "Continue". 

Your next step is to insert the BTC address you wish to withdraw the funds to in the blank space provided and finally confirm the withdrawal.