Want more information on the sections accessible from your dashboard?

Have a look at the below points for assistance.


Using TradeOr is simple and intuitive! Below you can find a list of our features:

--> Home - Here you will have a whole view of what we provide and offer such as; the Trading Assets, News, and your funds. 

--> Trade Markets -  You can check out the big movers of the day with our Market Movers section and pick your trades among a wide offer of US Shares, EU Shares, Metals, Indexes.

--> Trade Crypto - Access and trade all our Cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, DASH, and many more.

--> Trade Currencies - Explore the possibilities of trading currency pairs: Forex Crosses, Forex Majors, Cryptos, Forex Exotics.

--> Portfolio - Monitor your open trades, open orders, and trading history in this easy-to-access tab.

--> Watchlist - Add the markets and currencies you would like to follow to the watchlist feature so you can always be up to date.

--> News - Follow the markets by checking our "News" section to help you make strategic decisions when it comes to choosing your investments.

--> Deposit - Would you like to fund your account? Just click on the "Deposit" section pop-up windows will guide you further.

--> Withdraw Funds - Withdrawing your funds has never been easier, just click on the "Withdraw" section and type the amount you wish to send. 

--> Past Transactions - Monitor your deposits, withdrawals, and past transactions by accessing the "Past Transactions Tab".

--> Activities - In order to keep your account safe we have prepared a section where you can check your account activities. 

--> Settings - You can change your mobile number and 2FA method here.