Want to know how to customize your Trading Chart?

Have a look at the below instructions for assistance.


The customization of charts is an important step before trading. TradeOr has made sure to provide multiple convenient options which will assist you in your trading journey.

Click on any available instrument from the "Trade Markets", "Trade Crypto" or "Trade Currencies" section.

The first customizable feature is the type of the chart.

By clicking on the indicated drop-down menu, you will be able to select between a wide range of types.

The change will be immediately seen on your chart.

If you would like to change your chart's interval, you are also able to do so.

The values will change at the bottom of the chart.

You can also change the range period of the chart.

If you would like more advanced settings, click on the "Advanced" button.

If you are currently viewing an instrument's chart but would like to view a different instrument's chart, you can do so by searching for the instrument in the search bar.

You can also compare between the two instruments.

Simply search the instrument you would like to compare in the search bar.

Drawing is also available. You can do so by clicking on the desired shape from the side-bar and click on the chart. You may expand or shrink your shape as required with your mouse.

When selecting a line or shape, you are also able to choose your desired colour and style.

The "Crosshair" is a pair of perpendicular lines that move with your cursor. Further information about the instrument is provided depending on where the cursor is placed.

The "Info Static" is a different way of providing the same information. The information is neatly provided at the top of your chart.

Just like on the basic view, you can also change the chart's time period and style.

You may also select from our wide range of available indicators.

Finally after your chart has been customized, you can save your settings by clicking on the "Display" tab and "Save View".