Want to know how to deposit Bitcoin into your TradeOr account?

Have a look at the below points for assistance.

-->You can only use the unique BTC address provided once for each individual deposit.

-->We do not accept BCH.

-->Bitcoin deposits may take up to 3 hours to hit your account after completing the above process or 3-6 confirmations on the Blockchain. 

-->Should your funds take significantly longer than the time frame provided above considering any recent fluctuations of Bitcoin or global events that might have increased Blockchain traffic which would naturally add a small delay to your transaction, kindly contact our support team by clicking the following link: 



To fund your account via Bitcoin, you will need to do the following: 

Click on the "Deposit Funds" tab located on the left-hand side of your account.

Input the amount you would like to deposit in the blank space provided. The minimum amount is 10 of any currency that we offer.

Click on "Continue".

You will then be provided with the BTC address as shown below. You would need to input the address in your BTC wallet provider and send the funds accordingly. Use the "Copy to Clipboard" option to ensure that you copy the full and correct Bitcoin address for each transactions.

Please bear in mind that you can only use the BTC address once. Kindly initiate a new deposit request each time you would like to deposit funds.