Want to know how to enable your Two-Factor Authentication via App? 

Have a look at the below points for assistance.


To ensure that your account is secure, you will be asked to enable 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).

In order to set up the 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) you will need to choose a 2FA application. For demonstration purposes, we are using "Google Authenticator".

Note: You can download authentication applications like "Google Authenticator" or any other application of your choice from the App Store, Google Play or you can do your own research via search engine to find the authentication application that you would like to use.

Click Settings”.

Click the tab next to Enable 2FA with App Authenticator”.

Scan the QR code that we provide you.

Copy and paste the code in the space provided in your Account.

Click Enable 2FA".

If you are having an issue scanning the QR code please click the Unable to scan? button and follow the instructions.

Well done! Two-Factor Authentication is now enabled and will be active every time you will log in to your account. 

If you would like to set up 2FA via SMS, please CLICK HERE.